Get Pepco’s Dirty Money out of DC

Corporate polluters like Pepco pour thousands of dollars into DC’s local elections. As a monopoly utility, this enables Pepco to wield enormous influence — which they use to buy elected leaders who put fossil-fueled special interests over DC communities. It’s time for our DC Council to stand up for District residents’ health, climate justice, and our democracy by saying no to Pepco’s dirty money. 

With primary elections for many Councilmembers coming up in June 2020, progressive groups around DC are leading a movement to push our elected leaders to stand up to corporate polluters like Pepco — or replace them with champions who will.

Add your name: stop Pepco from polluting DC’s politics

The No Pepco Pledge

We are calling on Councilmembers and candidates for DC Council to take the No Pepco Pledge:

I acknowledge that Pepco’s interest in DC energy and climate policy is driven by profits rather than the health of families, climate, and democracy. I commit to:

  •  Reject all contributions from Pepco, Washington Gas, and other fossil fuel companies 
  • Voluntarily disclose all meeting times and topics with Pepco and Washington Gas representatives and lobbyists, and take and make available detailed minutes of all such meetings
  • Support legislation for an economic feasibility study on the implementation of alternative utility models such as Community Choice Aggregation and municipalization in DC
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Why We’re Standing up to Pepco’s Polluting Power

Candidates for DC Council should commit to reducing Pepco’s influence on the DC energy grid and in the DC political sphere by committing to funding studies for alternative utility models, which are centered on community choice, public ownership, and wellbeing.

Who We Are

The No Pepco campaign is a volunteer-driven effort led by grassroots groups from around DC. We’re concerned DC voters who want to make sure our community can live up to our climate commitments and build the just future and safe climate our families and neighborhoods deserve.

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