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Pepco has too much power over DC's politics

The No Pepco campaign is a volunteer-led coalition of grassroots groups in DC. We are coming together to call on candidates to demonstrate their full commitment to supporting climate justice, District residents’ health, and a commitment to democracy over big money influence.

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We, the undersigned District residents, demand that candidates running for the DC Council elections in 2020 stand for the people’s interests and make a firm commitment to clean energy by rejecting all money and influence from the city’s utilities who continue to fight against climate justice. 

Pepco, DC’s for-profit monopoly energy utility, is beholden to faraway CEOs in Chicago and its shareholders, not the people of Washington, D.C. This monopoly’s political power paired with its fossil fuel-based energy portfolio stands in the way of the District of Columbia implementing its newly-established 100% renewable energy legislation, the DC Clean Energy Omnibus Act. 

Pepco’s parent company, Exelon, has a history of opposing climate and renewable energy policies around the US and has been known to use duplicitous messaging strategies, rate hike threats, and the withdrawal of campaign funds and charitable donations as leverage to achieve its anti-renewable-energy policy agenda. Moreover, Pepco opposed renewable energy and community renewable ownership initiatives that support achieving DC’s 100% renewable energy goal. The control that Pepco has over the district’s energy supply and distribution disproportionately impacts low-to-moderate-income communities in DC who bear the brunt of climate change impacts as well as the company’s rate hikes. 

The signatories of this letter believe Council members’ industry ties to Pepco are incompatible with DC’s clean energy goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2032 and bringing climate justice to DC. We fully support the implementation of the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act, and we demand stronger legislation to implement renewable energy policies and legislation to govern a just transition to achieve rapid decarbonization in an equitable manner. 

With these goals in mind, we are asking Councilmembers who are running for re-election to take the No Pepco Pledge.

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Does your organization want to join the No Pepco Coalition? Just reach out to us at nopepcopledge@gmail.com.