The No Pepco Pledge

The No Pepco campaign is calling on all DC Councilmembers and candidates for DC Council to take the No Pepco Pledge.

The pledge:

I acknowledge that Pepco’s interest in DC energy and climate policy is driven by profits rather than the health of families, climate, and democracy. I commit to:

  •  Reject all contributions from Pepco, Washington Gas, and fossil fuel companies 
  • Voluntarily disclose all meeting times and topics with Pepco and Washington Gas representatives and lobbyists, and take and make available detailed minutes of all such meetings
  • Support legislation for an economic feasibility study on the implementation of alternative utility models such as Community Choice Aggregation and municipalization in DC

Pledge Signers

Jordan Grossman, Ward 2
Jordan Grossman
Ward 2
Daniel Hernandez
Ward 2
Kishan Putta, Ward 2
Kishan Putta
Ward 2
Yilin Zhang, Ward 2
Yilin Zhang
Ward 2
Janeese George Lewis, Ward 4
Janeese George Lewis
Ward 4
Kelvin Brown, Ward 7
Kelvin Brown
Ward 7

Anthony Lorenzo Green, Ward 7
Anthony Lorenzo Green
Ward 7
Marcus Goodwin
Christina Henderson
Jeanné Lewis
Ed Lazere
Will Merrifield
Michangelo “Doctor Mic” Scruggs
Calvin Gurley
Markus Batchelor
James Jennings
Ward 7
Monica Palacio

James Harnett
State Board of Education – Ward 2

Rising Hearts + 350 DC Pipeline Protest

Candidates: Sign the Pledge

Are you a DC Councilmember or a candidate running for DC Council? Will you stand up to Pepco’s polluting power and sign the pledge? Let us know by emailing, and download our Candidate FAQ below:

Supporters: Add Your Voice

Speak out and plug in to get Pepco’s dirty money and power out of DC’s politics: